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New Technology Ensures Shorter Lead Times


Tauranga’s Pye’s Pa Bypass, a 4.5 kilometre bypass of the residential section of SH36 Pye’s Pa Rd in Tauranga, will provide a safer environment and a more efficient route for through-traffic.

This project included extensive earthworks and the preloading of swampy soils to form a solid foundation for the construction of the road and embankments along the new route.

Humes were required to deliver a variety of products, often in large quantities to an agreed schedule, to ensure HEB Construction had the required product at hand, avoiding delays to the construction timeline of the project. The product range supplied to HEB Construction included concrete pipes ranging from Class 2-4 and diameters ranging from DN375 to 900.

“With our new vibration technology we are able to produce product much faster,” says Tony Wilson, Sales Representative, for Humes. “Using this new process we can offer a much shorter lead time to our customers. In particular we have supplied the Class 4 DN900 VT concrete pipes which offers HEB Construction a thicker wall, providing extra cover to steel for the wet, swampy conditions and ensuring 100 year design life of the product.”

The new VT process fully complies with ASNZS 4058 manufacturing processes.


HEB Construction Ltd.

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Tauranga, February 2010-July 2011

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8 February 2018