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Introducing Titan Radial® Press Pipe – lighter, faster, more sustainable


Humes’ new Titan Radial®  Press Pipe is a game changer when it comes to concrete pipe production in New Zealand. With a cast-in rubber ring the new Radial Press pipe is not only quicker to install, it is considerably lighter than other pipes of the same diameter and it is manufactured from EcoSure GP cement - meaning it is more sustainable. But there’s more … it’s also around 70% faster to produce, offering much shorter lead times for customers.


Sherry Liu, Category Manager for Concrete and Precast products for Humes, explains the background of the new innovative product. “Back in 2019, we sent three of our experts from our manufacturing and business development team to Europe and the USA to investigate the latest production technology of concrete pipes and any innovations out there that we could utilise in the New Zealand market and showed our desire to produce sustainable, cost-effective options for our customers.”

“Based on what our team discovered it was decided investment was required for a new production line that would produce a concrete pipe a lot faster with the rubber ring integrated into the manufacturing process.”

“We had also previously received feedback from our customers that a lighter pipe would be a must for any newly developed products for ease of handling and reduced transport costs.” Sherry explains that increasing the steel reinforcing in the new pipe would mean Humes could produce a pipe as strong, but with a thinner wall, making it considerably lighter.

Capital investment was approved, and a brand-new line was imported from Europe and established at the Humes manufacturing site in Papakura.

A game changer

“With the new line producing the first pipes in early 2023 the feedback from the first couple of projects has been excellent,” adds Sherry. “We are very excited to tell our customers about this new pipe that can save them time and money... and is kinder to our planet.”

The Titan Radial Press Pipe is currently available in DN675 - DN1050 Class 2 & Class 4, in the North Island. More sizes will become available soon.

Why use Humes’ Titan® Radial Press Pipe?

  • Cast-in rubber ring or collar allows for faster installation.
  • Less risk of leaks or incorrect installation for customers.
  • An improved pipe design which significantly reduces the weight of each pipe/unit.
  • Improved lead times of up to 70% helping to keep projects on track.
  • A reduced carbon impact due to the use of low-carbon ‘EcoSure’ GP cement.
  • Cheaper freighting costs due to the lighter weight, reducing carbon emissions.

 For more about the Humes Titan® Radial Press pipe click here or contact us on Ph: 0800 502 112.


1 March 2024