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Humes COVID-19 Response - 18 March 2020


18 March 2020

Humes COVID-19 Response


As you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic is fast moving and recent announcements from the New Zealand government has heightened the need to keep you updated on how we are approaching the situation at Humes.


First and foremost the health and wellbeing of our staff and their families, customers and supply partners is paramount while dealing with this evolving situation therefore we have taken immediate steps to limit the potential of infection and/or transfer.  These include regular communication with staff, following MoH guidelines on personal hygiene and self-isolation procedures (if required), a ban on all international and domestic travel, limiting staff/customer numbers at meetings/gatherings, transferring all non-essential face-to-face meetings with customers and supply partners to phone/email-based communication, cancelling our attendance at all upcoming industry and sector events/conferences, and adhering to any/all additional customer/supply partner protocols. 


We are also ensuring that we have all the systems and technology in place to ensure the smooth running of the Humes business on a day to day basis, including contingency plans in place if various sites become affected.  All of our people have access to a range of digital communication tools and we are confident that whatever happens over the next few weeks/months that we will be able to maintain contact with you as required, and continue to service your operational needs.  


From a continuity of supply perspective, we have been working with our local and international supply chain partners during the last two months to identify any potential delays/constraints, and resolve these ahead of time. 


We manufacture a significant amount of product here in NZ from domestically-sourced materials therefore we are confident that there will be little to no impact to supply these, particularly with our strong stock holdings.  In terms of imported product, the news out of China is now much more positive, with the bulk of factories expected to be back in full production by the end of March.  Most logistical services (e.g. sea freight) are still recovering therefore some slightly longer lead times on certain items is likely however our stock holdings are currently good and we do have alternative supply options available if required.  Product movement out of the USA, Australia and Europe to NZ is currently unaffected but we will continue to monitor this closely and keep you informed of any change.  Given the reduction in airline flights, any urgent airfreight deliveries are incurring a significant premium so we would strongly encourage you to let your Humes representative know of any upcoming specially-imported product requirements.


As we go forward we will be sure to keep you updated on any further developments.  We are well-placed to face the challenges ahead and appreciate your continued support however if you have any questions on your specific project(s) please contact your local Humes representative. 


Kind regards,


Stu Henwood

General Manager


24 March 2020