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COVID-19 Level 2 FAQ's


Below are some questions and answers which will help you when dealing with your local Humes branch or Account Manager.  If you have a question that isn’t on this list please click here to send us your question and we will get back to you asap. Also refer to our COVID-19 Level 2 Customer Guide by clicking here.



Are all your sales branches open?

Yes - all 19 of our sales branches across the country are open with our opening hours being Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm

Are we able to come inside the branch?

Yes, at Level 2 this is allowed but depending on the size of the branch we may need to ask you to wait your turn in order to ensure we don’t have too many people in-store at the same time.  You will also be required to provide us with your contact details.

What safety measures do you have in your branches?

We require everyone in the branch or yard to maintain a minimum of 1-metre distance from anyone else.  You will be required to provide us with your contact details every time you come to one of our branches and there will be plenty of hand sanitiser available for you to use.  We are also undertaking more regular cleaning in each branch particularly around those high traffic areas and around the counter, kitchen and bathrooms.  Sneeze guards are also installed at the counter.

How are you collecting my contact details?

Humes is using a QR Code process for contact tracing- we are calling it “Humes Site Trace”.  You will be required to check-in when you arrive and check out when you leave store.  For more details on how this process works, click here.

Why do you need my contact information?

This is a legal requirement under COVID-19 Level 2 so that should someone who has been in one of our branches contract COVID-19, the Ministry of Health is able to contact everyone that person was in contact with as quickly as possible.

What is a QR Code?

Basically, a QR code works the same way as a barcode at the supermarket but for text, not just numbers. The QR code is unique to each branch and when it is scanned it takes you to a website with an online form where your details can be recorded as having been at that branch at that time.

How do I scan a QR code?

Click here for a step by step guide to scanning a QR code.

What if I don’t have a smartphone to register my contact details

Just let a Humes staff member know and we can register your details for you.

Why can’t I just write down my contact details in a paper register like I did under Level 3?

With our branches now open for business we have a lot more customers and suppliers coming on-site.  Should we need to make contact it will be much quicker if all this information has been collected electronically.

Why do I have to scan at both entry and exit?

Should we need to know who was on-site at a certain time then we need to know the total time you were exposed to other people in the branch

Who has access to my contact details?

Your contact data is held centrally and securely by Fletcher Building.  The only reason we would need to use it is if either a customer or a staff member tested positive for COVID-19 and you were in-store at the same time. It will not be used for any other purpose.

Can I still pre-order what I need in Level 2?

Yes absolutely – in fact we encourage this as it means we can have your order ready and waiting for you, thereby minimising the amount of time you spend in the branch.  Either call or email your order to your local branch. Click here for details.

Am I able to organise a pickup time that suits me?

Yes absolutely – if we have the product you require in stock, lets us know (by phone or email) your preferred pick up time and we will confirm this with you and then have it ready in a designated pick up area at the agreed time.

Am I able to come in without having pre-arranged my order?

Yes, in Level 2 you can, however we do encourage you where possible to call or email us with your requirements as this means you will have to spend less time in-store and we can have everything ready for you

Am I still able to come in for a coffee?

Unfortunately, not at Level 2.  As much as we are looking forward to sharing a coffee with our regular customers it is important that we minimise time in store and social contact.

Do you have an online ordering system I can use?

The best way is to either email your local branch or call.  Click here for the contact details of your local branch

Do you have most products in stock?

Yes we are well stocked with most products although as you would expect there are some delays with some products. The best idea is to call or email your local branch and if by chance we don’t have what you want in stock we can get it for you.

What if I need a product to come from overseas?

All our overseas suppliers are open for business and their product is coming into the country.  The more notice you can provide the better however as with the reduction in air travel around the world, the cost of air freighting product into NZ is significantly more expensive.

Do you have contactless pick-up processes in place?

Yes – just call or email your local branch and they can arrange for your products to picked up from a designated pick-up point at the branch at a time suitable to you.

How are you handling deliveries to site?

We are delivering to customer sites where requested under Alert Level 2.  When placing an order please let us know the requirements you have of us when delivering to your site.  Also let us know whether you will be unloading the product yourself or if you want the driver to unload.  Please click here to review more details on our delivery process.

Will you accept returns during Level 2?

Yes – we are accepting returns within our normal returns policy.

Are your prices changing during this time?

We review our manufactured concrete product prices on an annual basis – this occurred in March and all customers were notified of this prior to 1 March.  This is similar for our non manufactured product however should we get a significant price increase from our supplier we may need to pass this on to our customers  – but we will let you know.



14 May 2020