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Aquatec Provides a Solution for Raglan Day Care

Topic(s): Oasis Clearwater

Product: Aquatec OGT Pump

After 10 pump replacements in 12 months at a troublesome site at a Raglan Day Care Centre, NZ, the costs to Waikato District Council were rising.

The Raglan Day Care Centre, with 100 kids and an on-site cafe were having ongoing issues with blockages due to the high number of rags and wipes being used on site.

Council were willing to trial new equipment to reduce their maintenance costs and after meeting Aquatec at the Water NZ Conference in 2015, decided to trial Aquatec’s OGT pump as a solution to the troublesome site.

Upgrading existing technology

Aquatec were able to provide a premanufactured upgrade kit for ease and speed of installation into the existing technology.

Upgrading the pump in the existing system did not require any additional equipment replacement and was no interruption to the customer. After 6 months of successful operation, WDC took the opportunity to further invest in the site and added an OmniSmart Control Panel to provide greater visibility via remote communication to pre-alert maintenance staff of fault conditions.

OGT Pump Technology

The Aquatec OGT pump is Australasia’s first and only residential pressure sewer pump with a 20 year life* and zero scheduled maintenance.

- No wearing rotor and stator found in traditional Progressive Cavity pumps

- Regenerative turbine impeller

- Higher heads up to 80m with higher flows up to 1.2L/s

- Fully designed to integrate with progressive cavity pumps in existing network


Since the installation of the OGT pump, visits to the site have reported a distinct improvement in the condition of the well. The well is cleaner with less odour and with less rags and wipes.

Compared to the previous experience at this site of 10 pump replacements in 12 months, there has been one blockage which council attended and removed the pump. They were able to find the source of the blockage, which staff were able to dislodge and dispose of, and reinstall the pump within 30mins, with no damage to the pump.

 "After trialling the OGT at one of our Raglan sites for what must be almost 7 months now, we have been very impressed with its reliability. We have only had one blockage on site since its installation and all that was required to do was to lift the pump and clear a clump of wet wipes." - Ross Dillon, Operations Engineer, Waikato District Council



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Raglan, Waikato District

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11 February 2018