Connecting New Zealand Communities Since 1923

It is with a huge amount of pride that we welcome you to our centenary year. 2023 marks the 100th year that Humes has been part of building New Zealand’s infrastructure and shaping Kiwi communities.

Connecting New Zealand communities for over a century is a massive milestone and one that we look forward to sharing and celebrating our remarkable history with you throughout the year.

As you can imagine there are many relationships (staff, customers, supply partners), products and projects that have contributed to the rich and unique heritage of Humes. Throughout our centenary, we will relive, retell and share some of these legends, stories and wisdoms that help guide and drive the Humes team of today.

The Humes team are extremely excited to showcase the past of our great company, and illustrate how we will continue to serve, support and connect the NZ communities of the future. Our heritage is key to this; providing an enduring foundation for the Humes 2023 team to utilise in pioneering new technologies, creating new products and crafting more sustainable solutions for the next generation of Kiwi communities. 

Thank you for your contribution to Humes history during the first 100 years, please join us in 2023 to look back, but then look forward as we embark on the next 100!

From the Humes Centenary Team