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Wing walls

Humes precast concrete wingwalls have been developed to make culvert systems faster and inexpensive to install and maintain. 

For Transit approved concrete culvert ends, please refer to Transit Headwalls brochure under Product guides.


  • Designed to allow for maximum flow performance both at the inlet and outlet ends of the culvert wingwalls.
  • The haunched base ensures that the incoming water is unimpeded and that debris does not lodge in the corners of the unit. 
  • The cast-in heel under the toe of the unit prevents movement after installation by keying into the levelled base. It also strengthens the unit against impact loads under flood conditions and the possibility of scouring under base.
  • Energy dissipating baffles can be fitted to slow water flow. The size, shape and number is flexible depending on specific requirements. Drawings and specs to be provided by customer.


  • Culvert inlet and outlet for subdivision, roading and rural environments
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