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Humes MetroPit is designed specifically for New Zealand weather conditions, offering several unique features and benefits. The MetroPit is ideal for applications that require a higher flow rate capacity. Stormwater is captured through the large back entry inlet under the kerb, discharging directly into the sump. Small excavators can handle the MetroPit components and the compact footprint makes installation easy. There is no deviation of base course, tar-seal or services required. saving time and reducing the risk of blockages. Complies with NZS4404:2010 and is suitable for HN-HO-72 loadings.


  • Easy installation. fully precast in the factory.
  • Channel discharges directly to the sump. Less potential for blockages.
  • Slim surface footprint. Less impact on the footpath or grass verge.
  • Front lip controls the level of the channel.
  • Large capacity sump (1050 or 1200 Manhole).
  • High inlet capacity.
  • Superior value.
  • Saves time on the job. Installed in-line with the kerb and channel. No deviation of services, base course or tar-seal required.
  • Consistent finish made to NZS 3109:1997.
  • Safer for cyclists.


  • Roadways
  • Motorways
  • Tight horizontal and vertical curvatures

See the PDF Brochure on this page or call your local Humes Rep for further information.

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