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Stormwater360 Jellyfish® Filter

Humes is an approved distribution agent and manufacturing partner for Stormwater360 - New Zealand’s market leading supplier of stormwater treatment technology, products and services.

Jellyfish® Filter is highly effective high-flow sediment removal device - a key product in the Stormwater360 range.


  • Unique filtration cartridges with large membrane surface area, result in high flow rates and pollutant removal capacity
  • Pleated tentacles that catch and remove floatables, litter, oil, debris, TSS, silt-sized particles (as small as 2 microns), and a high percentage of particulate-bound pollutants; including phosphorus, nitrogen, metals and hydrocarbons
  • Smaller footprint than other best-management practices, reducing installation costs
  • Save land space, allowing denser developments and reduce sprawl
  • Low maintenance costs through high surface area, membrane back washing and no replaceable media
  • Lowest hydrologic effect of any proprietary device (150mm)
  • Independently tested and certified
  • Ideal for flat land areas with low hydrologic grade

As an agent for Stormwater360, any products in their range can be transacted through your Humes account.
For further information, please visit the Stormwater360 Website or call your local Humes Sales Rep or phone 0800 502 112.

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