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Humes Stormwater High-capacity Pit has a specialised design for New Zealand conditions, offering several unique features and benefits. The HUSH Pit is ideal for applications that require a higher flow rate capacity. Stormwater is captured through two roadside grates and two large back entry inlets under the kerb. With a total weight of 3550kg, small excavators can handle the HUSH Pit and the compact footprint makes installation easy. There is no deviation of base course, tar-seal or services required. The correct surface angles incorporated into the kerb entry design, saves time and eliminates the risk of  irregularities from hand trowelling. Complies with NZS4404:2010 and is suitable for HN-HO-72 loadings.


  • High inlet capacity of 400ltr/sec – 600ltr/sec
  • Superior value
  • Easy installation
  • Saves time on the job
  • Consistent finish made to NZS 3109:1997
  • Flexible capacity
  • Safer for cyclists
  • Theft resistant grate locking system
  • No galvanized parts
  • Can be fitted with Gross Pollutant Trap


  • High flow areas
  • Roadways
  • Motorways
  • Tight horizontal and vertical curvatures
  • Narrow property frontages
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