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Stormwater360 Enviropod®

Humes Enviropod pre-treatment device for the removal of suspended solids and litter from stormwater run-off.


  • Low capital cost gross pollutant removal
  • A range of standard sizes available to suit most applications
  • Easily installed into new and pre-existing gully pits without the need for construction
  • A range of removable bag wave sizes ranging from 1000 microns down to 100 microns that allows targeted pollutant removal
  • Optional, floating hydrocarbon removal insert (OilSorb)
  • ConstructionPod – configured to treat runoff from construction sites and be fit into gully pits without prior cleaning of the sump
  • Simple, non-proprietary maintenance


  • Stormwater screening / pre-treatment
  • Litter and gross pollutant capture
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