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Ductile Iron

Humes pioneered the introduction of AS/NZS 2280 standard pipe into New Zealand in 2000. Since this time we have provided Ductile iron pipe for many projects in New Zealand and the Pacific islands. Over the past year we have undertaken our own tooling and sourcing to be able to provide a full range of AS/NZS 2280:2004 standard pipe to our customers. Through this you can have full confidence that any ductile iron pipe provided by Humes will be fully compliant with this standard and come with the total backing of Humes Pipeline Systems.


Ductile iron pipe provides strength and flexibility as well as proven durability from linings and coatings. This means the lifetime payback on a ductile iron pipeline provides an extremely cost effective solution over other pipeline options.

This can be summarised by:

  • The strength of ductile iron
  • No loss of strength over time
  • Ability to handle cyclic loads, surges and pressure transients
  • An effective solution for areas of limited cover requiring less excavation
  • High loading capacity and response
  • Withstands second corner and impact damage
  • High resistance to ground movement and settlement, etc
  • Simple, easy to assemble modular system
  • Proven, fast and simple rubber ring jointing


  • Any high pressure pipe situation up to PN35 such as pressure water.
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